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30 years of


We have the know-how you need.

Make Impressions

At AAII, we believe that smart design goes beyond the surface. It's about creating the perfect balance between space that works and space that works for you. Whether it's an interior renovation for that distinctive first impression, a transformed interior space that inspires greater productivity, or a strategic renovation that increases leasing, we create office environments that motivate employees to do their best.

Streamline Processes

AAII is a strategic partner for businesses looking to benefit from improved workplace design. The environment created at your place of work tells visitors, potential customers, recruits and existing personnel a lot about your company.

Executed correctly, your workplace can reinforce your organization's brand. It can communicate a culture that is more collaborative and team-oriented, and is a place that a potential candidate would look forward to employment. We know each company is unique. By working together with AAII, you can communicate your own brand - a brand that sells.

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