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Rethinking the Workplace

While Open-Plan offices are great in theory :

-a collaborative environment -a flattened hierarchy -lower workstation costs

Some sacrifices are made to achieve the open environment. The noise level and lack of privacy is something to get used to and employees may find the most common culprits the constant visual distractions, making focused work more difficult. Luckily, as panel heights have come down, visually pleasing and interesting architectural elements have emerged to help with these distractions.


Ceiling Cloud units are faceted to deflect sound waves while the surface absorbs sound, reducing echo and noise.


Panels that create visual barriers as well as carry acoustical properties can be digitally printed or custom laser cut to reinforce your brand and achieve the aesthetic you are looking for!


AND ON A GREEN NOTE Some of these noise reducing products are manufactured using recycled PET plastic bottles, eco-friendly dyes and no added adhesive, resulting in a certified product that can help gain LEED green building credits if needed.

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