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What makes a good Ergonomic Tool?

The ANSI/HFES 100 standard provides a good, objective means of assessing the suitability of a chair for use in computer workstations. This standard contains ergonomic specifications for office chairs and other furniture, as well as for displays and input devices. It also offers information on how these individual components can be integrated into a workstation that fits the user. It requires manufacturers to provide users with information on specific properties of their products.

Ergonomic Checklist

A Brief Assessment of Remix

The Remix work chair provides the adjustment capabilities necessary to accommodate a wide range of users and workstation arrangements.

In order to accommodate both petite and taller users, its seat height adjustments utilize three different cylinder arrangements with an overall height adjustment range between 14.8 inches and 23.4 inches. Remix goes beyond the range specified in the anthropometric database1 used to develop the ANSI/HFES 100 standard, and by making an allowance for a 1 inch heel, the seat height for a 5th percentile female is 14.8 inches while that of a 95th percentile male is 19.75 inches.

The Remix chair backrest provides a lumbar support that conforms to each individual user. The backrest supports both upright and reclined seated work, tilting between 96º and 124º to support these different working postures.

The Remix adjustment features for the backrest, armrests and for the seat width and depth, when combined with the three cylinder height ranges, makes the chair a good ergonomic solution for office workplace seating.

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