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Our goal is to be a valued business partner to our clients. We want to contribute to their success in the marketplace and to their employees’ health and well-being.


Louisiana State University South End Zone Stadium Club Suites

The  LSU Stadium Club Suites were renovated in 2014 to accommodate the growing demand for donors to have access to luxury viewing spaces during  the football games. The overall design outlined by HKS Architects and Arnold & Associates was to furnish the South End Zone Suites and Club Level with furniture that would stand the test of time and be appropriate for various groups of people.  The items were specifically selected for their durability in high use areas and their aesthetically pleasing finishes. School branding remained a top priority with every furniture selection to encourage school spirit. The project ran on a tight schedule to ensure the renovated suites would be operational for the first LSU home game. Arnold & Associates worked closely with their installation team to ensure delivery and placement of furnishes 20 stories up would go smoothly. 

Fletcher Technical Community College 

In 2012 Fletcher Technical Community College built a new Campus on Hwy 311 in Schriever, LA.  The new Campus became home to all of the school’s administration as well as two floors of classrooms, a library, and a lounge area for students. The furniture selection process began with a collaboration with the staff's consultant Lisa Parsiola and Arnold & Associates. The concept was to maximize each space with high quality furniture that guaranteed longevity and durability without sacrificing the spirited aesthetic the owner wanted to maintain. Like all projects this one started with a budget and Arnold & Associates worked to remain within budget while providing the best furniture solutions for each unique space. The administration areas were furnished with Knoll Dividends, and the classrooms consist of KI work tables, and Knoll Multi-generation chairs. The campus has since added an additional building that specializes in Petroleum training and with standards set by Arnold & Associates and Lisa the building was easily furnished to compliment this neighboring building. 

Southeastern Louisiana University Student Union

The student union was renovated in 2013 by Holly & Smith Architects. Arnold & Associates Interiors furnished the lounge seating and tables in a coordinated effort with other area design firms. The design intent produced by the Architecture firm was to create a rejuvenated gathering space for the University's students. 

Southern University Student Media Center

In 2022, Southern University continues to upgrade their student spaces. These new designs offer students more spaces to collaborate or work in private. Mobile chairs and tables make for easy rearranging, boost connectivity between students. The high panels on the back of the sofa create an acoustic barrier from the Student Portrait station. 

Investing in the wellbeing and comfort of students always pays off. The more ways students can engage on campus, the more opportunities they have for learning and retaining new information. 

Baton Rouge Community College

In 2015, Baton Rouge Community College decided it was time to revamped their gallery area, library student lounge and a student common area to promote more flexibility and small group activity space. The concept was to inspire students to interact in ways they previously hadn't by creating small touch down and gathering spaces. Designers worked closely with Helen Harris, Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration Finance and Administration and Michael Constantin, Director of Purchasing, to achieve the school branded break out areas that achieved the desired student to student interaction the school was looking for. Katie and Elizabeth specified and furnished the spaces with high top tables, lounge seating and Knoll Studio Maya Lin stones that double as a seat or table, to create various zones among the student common area. Once completed the feedback from the student body was encouraging, students felt the once large open space seemed more intimate as each zone began to form its own identity. 

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